Beginning in 2020, the York Fair will not only have new dates but will also be sporting a new name.  The York County Agricultural Society Board of Directors voted last week to change the name of the annual event to the York State Fair.

“We are as big as many state fairs across the country in terms of attendance, entries, entertainment, amusement rides, facilities, staffing and budget so the question became why not recognize ourselves as a state fair level event by calling ourselves the York State Fair,” said CEO Bryan Blair.  “With the Fair changing dates to July in 2020 it seemed like a perfect time to make the transition and to rebrand.  We will still be known as “America’s First Fair” and “America’s Oldest Fair” we will just have a new look and a new name,” he added.

Currently there are at least 63 Fairs across the United States that use the phrase “State Fair” in their title.   Blair said that approximately 42 of those events are private and/or non-profit organizations that receive no government funding or state oversight.   Fairs such as the Tulsa State Fair in Oklahoma and the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair in Louisiana are privately operated and utilize the name of their city.   “We intend to be York’s “State Fair” and we will continue to operate under the authority of the York County Agricultural Society.

“We are actively exploring ways to expand and grow the Fair to include showcasing York County to south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland as we attempt to reach a regional audience.  The goal is to create interest and excitement among the growing population of this region so that we can showcase to them the best that York County has to offer from an agricultural and industrial standpoint.  Changing the name of the Fair to the York State Fair will certainly help us to achieve that goal as it better represents the size and scope of our event,” said Blair.

The new logo was designed by Fair Communications Director Brianna Holmes and features red, white and blue colors along with pennant that has the 1765 founding date of the Fair and a blue ribbon that will boast the “America’s First Fair” and “America’s Oldest Fair” trademarks.   “Both of those phrases are trademark protected which means that we will be using both versions of the new logo in order to meet the trademark requirements,” said Holmes.

Holmes added that the announcement of the change to York State Fair is being made now to help promote the date change next year.   “We want to remind everyone who attends the 2019 York Fair September 6th-15th that we are moving the dates to July in 2020 and promoting our new name to help people remember the new dates as well,” she concluded.