After the unfortunate news of the 2020 York State Fair being canceled due to the lasting effects of the Coronavirus, we are pleased to announce one of our planned concerts has rescheduled for the 2021 York State Fair.

REO Speedwagon & Styx will be the first concert to join our 2021 Bobcat of York Grandstand Stage lineup at the York State Fair on Saturday, July 24 at 8 pm.

All tickets purchased for REO Speedwagon & Styx will remain valid, including the seat(s) that the ticket holder has purchased. If you’ve printed your tickets or received them in the mail, the barcode will remain active for the 2021 scheduled concert.

The opportunity for a refund will be available starting Tuesday, June 23 at 10 am. You will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed to receive your refund. Funds should appear in your debit/credit account within 3-7 business days upon submitting for your refund request. REO Speedwagon & Styx refunds will need to be requested within 30 days of June 23 in order to be validated.

Please note: The York State Fair is not responsible for tickets bought from a third-party site, or ticket reseller. Our refund policy only applies to tickets purchased directly from, our direct phone orders, or our box office.

We appreciate all of our ticket holders’ patience throughout this process. We will continue to update our website, and social media platforms as we have more announcements in the near future.

Refund form link:

Customer support number: 1-800-514-3849